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Over 30 Clan has moved. New site same domain. Visit www.over30clan.com to Register and Apply. See You there!!! Thanks The1UrLookin4

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 Ps3 App: ExcessiveForce7 (approved 10 post probation)

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PostSubject: Ps3 App: ExcessiveForce7 (approved 10 post probation)   Wed Dec 18, 2013 11:30 am

01 - What are you applying for? = x30x Member
02 - Name = Jeffery
04 - GAMER TAG = ExcessiveForce7
05 - AGE = 39
06 - Where are you from? State? Province? Country? Give me something. = Roseville, Michigan
07 - Email Address =
08 - Do you have a mic? = Yes
09 - Do you have COD Elite? You must have atleast a free elite account in order to be added to a clan roster! = Yes
10 - How do you feel about COD Elite Clan Ops? = I do clan ops when I can be online at that time
11 - How did you hear about the Over 30 Clan? = Other
12 - How often do you play? = Every day
13 - Are you active on forums that you are a member of? (We have quarterly checkins to make sure that members are still active, If you do not post in the month of the checkin then your account may be deleted due to inactivity.) = Yes
14 - Do you usually buy the DLC map packs? = Yes I always get the DLC's
15 - Please tell us a little bit about you and/or your gaming background. = I'm just a single guy from the Detroit area who is still a kid at heart when it comes to video games. Been gaming since the days of the Atari 2600 and have played on various platforms in the years since. Got hooked on CoD thanks to my teenage niece. Played using her account for years and only recently (when Ghosts was released) decided to start using my own PSN account. This is why I have low rank in BO2 and with the exception of Ghosts, no history in my profile for the other CoD franchise games. I do have a mic, but it's a piece of junk and works when it wants to. I'm getting a new one for Christmas so no worries there.
16 - How you can contribute to the clan or why do think that we are the clan for you? = Well, I'm not going to say that I'm the greatest player or achieve super high kill rates, but I can hold my own. I am more of a strategic / tactical player rather than a run-and-gunner so I work well with a team of like-minded players. That's one of the main reasons I'm looking to join a clan. I also put a fair number of hours of play in. I've had Ghosts for about a week now and have already logged nearly 64 hrs of game play and am set to Prestige probably tonight or tomorrow. As far as why I chose this particular clan, well the most obvious is that I definitely fit the age limit. LOL. All joking aside, after reading the website and looking over the forums it seems to me that this clan would be a fun one to join. A laid back, more mature crowd having fun playing together appeals to me.
17 - Which game type do you prefer (HC or Core)? = I'll play either game type
18 - What is more important to you? = Having a good time
19 - What game modes do you play? = I play all game modes
20 - What games do you currently play? = Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 3, COD Ghosts, Battlefield, Other Games
21 - If you have a personal reference, list their Gamer Tag here. (if none put N/A or none) = N/A

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http://www.over30clan.com https://www.youtube.com/user/netxhunter


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PostSubject: Re: Ps3 App: ExcessiveForce7 (approved 10 post probation)   Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:21 pm

sounds good

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PostSubject: Re: Ps3 App: ExcessiveForce7 (approved 10 post probation)   Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ps3 App: ExcessiveForce7 (approved 10 post probation)   Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:55 am

Thanks for the approval. I look forward to making some new friends and playing with you guys and gals. Anyone is welcome to add me on PSN.
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PostSubject: Re: Ps3 App: ExcessiveForce7 (approved 10 post probation)   

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Ps3 App: ExcessiveForce7 (approved 10 post probation)
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