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 Moon Easter Egg

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PostSubject: Moon Easter Egg   Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:01 am

Dagger and I had some fun on Moon lately. It had been awhile since I had a run on there and Dagger is a perfect partner. I figured I would share the strategy that has worked well and list out the steps and some tips. There is a ton of general zombie strategy that is for a different post so I will try to limit it to Moon.

Main Goal: Blow up Earth and get all the perks permanently- One person in lobby must have the achievements from Call of the Dead and Shang-ri La.

Starting off at Area 51
You want to see Speed Cola spawn down first. That way your first trip back down it will be Jugg. Gather as many points as possible by knifing and be ready for the second alarm sound which kicks up the zombies. Advanced team tactic is to have one person run a horde around the pond on the bottom while the others in the team fall back to behind the teleporter as far as possible to the low wall. If you have your back on the wall the zombies will only chase the player running around the pond. Once they are horded players unload pistols into horde for max points. Save the grenades until pistols are dry as dogs will soon spawn and will attack players at the back. With ammo dry hop on the teleporter. The goal is to have enough points get to the dome in Round 1 and is doable with a group. With just 2 people is better to go with basic strategy for most players. Basic is to fall back to teleporter at second alarm and toss grenades at incoming zombies. Save your pistol ammo until receiving bay. Once in receiving bay advanced teams will open doors towards and head through tunnel 6, go past power with the player who is Richtofen turning on the power, and through the first lab door. Ideally the hacker will be in one of the bottom two labs and make things cheaper, if not you have to buy the bowie door and get it in top labs. Once you have the hacker open the rest of the doors to the dome, your home for awhile. If following basic strategy then use rounds 1-4 to build points in order to follow the same path as advanced. DO NOT use grenades, ray gun, gersch or any other explosive in the receiving bay, or as you are teleporting. Same goes for in the labs. Having oxygen in here will make things vastly easier later on. It is doable with out oxygen but why burden yourself. I would let them in the first couple of rounds and hopefully get some power ups. I usually head out of the first room in round 3-4 depending and pick up the rifle. I prefer the rifle over the shotgun for a couple reasons. The shotgun has only two shells and then needs a reload, the rifle has 8. The other is that you make a lot more points with the rifle and is fairly easy to use in conjunction with the knife for good points. What ever round it is say 5 then its four rifle shots and a knife, round six is 5 shots and a knife. With the collateral also, it adds up real quick. The shotgun will one shot kill which is less points. Done right you should have no problem getting to the dome in round 4 or 5 with the Bowie knife. Do not blow out the windows in the labs or you will make it much more difficult for yourselves later on. In order to get the Bowie with power on simply goto the landing in the middle of the stairs with Bowie overhead. It is above the stairs leading from the middle labs up to the top labs. While on the landing put your back on the center seam of the wall so that you are looking at the knife. Now with your back to the wall look up on the ceiling at the four square vents. If you aim at the seam between the closest and second closest one to you, then with out touching the look do a forward sprint jump and hold X. You should see the Bowie text flash on the screen and if you are holding X you will get it, assuming you have 3k points. It may take a few tries but it's not hard to get the hang of. Once you have Bowie you will want to hold out in the dome. If you are playing with 4 people it can sometimes feel crowed in the dome so one person runs outside on the moon by the ak74u. We usually hang until we have enough for Jugg and hack open the back to the dome. At some point after turning on the power one player needs to go back to machines outside near the Olympia shotgun and play Simon. The four computer screens will flash a series of colors. You must hit X on the screen of the corresponding color to match the pattern. It will have a total of six that you will have to do with each time adding one to the last series. Once done correctly the screens will flash green. Move to the middle labs with the hacker. In order for more than one player to have a hacker have two people walk up to the hacker and aim at it. One player needs to jump and hold X when they hit the ground. The other player needs to hit X when the jumpers feet hit the ground. Done right both players will have hacker and can assist. For more players just have one of the two players drop the hacker and pick up a mask. Then repeat until all four have it. On the wall next to the stairs leading to the Bowie are four switches. You will need to hack them for 500 points. Once done you will have 60 seconds to hack 4 terminals throughout the lab that have a green light on the top. If you do not get all four in the time frame you will need to rehack the wall for 500 points and try again. Once you have the hacked the 4 green light terminals you will need to go back the 4 switches on the wall that you hacked for 500 and hold X on each them quickly until they stay lit up. If you are having problems others can help. Ideally the excavator to tunnel 6 will go early and that's great. If either the dome or tunnel 11 is getting hit I like to hack them. You pick a 1k points each time you hack the excavator so that helps for hitting the box. You also want to keep oxygen in the dome so preventing the excavator is key. If you are in later rounds and wont have time to complete the round before the excavator hits, don't kill any zombies. Just put a horde together and have one person run them around. Once the zombies have stopped spawning you will be fine to have one person run back and hack it. Once they are safely back in the dome then continue slaying as normal. The same works when someone goes down. It will make it easy to revive someone if everyone can resist the urge to kill for a bit. Once tunnel 6 has been excavated and you have then hacked the terminal to get it to stop, you will need to acquire the weapons. You will need the wave gun, gersch devices, and qed grenades. Back on Earth there are some plates that need to be moved. They are on the wall shelves to the right of the teleporter as you are looking at Pack a punch. Use some grenades to knock them off and then throw a Gersch to pick them up and put them on the teleporter. Once on the teleporter everyone hops on back to the moon. The plates should appear on the ground next to the quick revive machine. You will need to throw a qed so that it lands on or close to the plates. This will move the plates to the computer in the room in the corner by the door to the rifle. You will need the silver, s-shaped wire for the computer. It is usually found in the labs but could be just outside the upper labs on the moon to the right next to the crates or back in the receiving bay. Usually it is in the labs in a corner, under a desk or at the top of the Bowie stairs on the ground. Good practice is to have Richtofen pick it up as that player will be dealing with the computer. Put the wire into position by holding X next to the computer. Then put the golden device that Richtofen has between the plates by hitting X. Then look at the computer and continue pressing X repeatedly. Some dialogue will go and the screen will flash green, some more dialogue and then another green flash. After the second green screen Richtofen needs to pick up the device which will now have a purple aura. Now move through tunnel 6 until the airlock right before power. There will be a sphere on the ground that you knife. It will move further down the tunnel and stop. Knife again and follow into the mpl room where it will stop high on the same pillar as the mpl just on the other side. Knife again and take it through the airlock where it will float up next to the satellite above the receiving bay. Now take out the wave gun and put it together as one instead of dual wield. Aim for the tip of the antennae and shoot. If you hit it, it will float down and wait outside tunnel 11. Best way is to open one door into tunnel 11 and hack the rest. Move the sphere through tunnel 11. It will go into the ceiling near stamina up. Use a weapon to shoot it out and continue with it out into power room. It will move to the pyramid and a clear tube should come up. Now you will need to fill the tube with 25 zombies souls. You will see the red mist fly up and the blue liquid will fill the tube when the zombie is killed close enough to the tube. Once full we usually get a crawler and get ready for the next stage. You will need to fill four tubes this time, one in each corner of the pyramid. Once you are ready kill the crawler and wait for the next round to start. Have one person at the switch on the wall next to the stairs. With the first tube filled and the zombies spawning pull the switch. Within a few seconds all players will have a 90 second death machine. This is why I do all of the computer stuff before filling the first tube. The next 4 tubes should pop up and you will have death machine to help fill them saving a ton of ammo. Put players at back of pyramid aiming to the side walls. The goal is to fill the back tubes first then push up for the front ones. Nukes and gersch devices will help fill tubes if they are near to the tubes. Claymores are great for the back area to help protect and warn of strays getting behind you or crawlers slipping through. Mustang & Sally, PAP Law and Ray gun will make quick work of filling the tubes. If you aim out front you will fill the front first or kill them too far away to fill anything. Once the four tubes are filled Richtofen needs to go to the front of the pyramid and hit X. The tubes should drain and Richtofen will get all the perks. If you have a crawler you can hack the perk machines of any perks you bought to get the points back. Can be helpful right before you get all the perks. Now throw a qed so it lands at the front of the pyramid. The sphere from earlier should be teleported away. Go back to Simon computers and play again 3 times. These are longer this time so some find it easier to write the patterns down. Each time you complete a full sequence successfully a missile will raise up behind you. Once all three missiles are raised you will need to throw a gersch at the sphere and have it be sucked in. The sphere that you knocked out of the pyramid with the qed is now on the ground right next to the Simon computers. You need to land the gersch right next to it. Done right the sphere is sucked in, the rockets are launched and the show begins. You are now a zombie killing beast with all the perks even if you die and respawn. Hang in the dome and go for the gold. Hack the power ups for max ammo. It will cost you 5k but well worth it. As you move into later rounds you can sort of skip rounds. If you save one crawler kill him in the airlock at the back of the dome leading to the teleporter and immediately jump in the teleporter back to Earth. Done right you will start the next round while on Earth. When you get back to the moon run back to the dome. Be quick as the round will be starting and if you get spread out the ones at the back will start to get cut off. There will only be one spawn of zombies and then the end of the round. You can do this every other round. Huge difference in later rounds. There is a bathroom spot on this map. I hope they put them in the future maps as well. Next to PHD Flopper there is a mattress right in front of the mystery box location in the dome. If you stand with your back to the box walk slowly at the wooden frame around the mattress. You want to aim for the seam where the frame meets the large boulder. As soon as you see your character hop up a bit stop. If you stay there and dont move the zombies will not attack you as long as another player is up and moving around. In later rounds one player can stay on here while the other trains up the zombies. They can also hop on the yellow bounce pads and try for the power ups that appear up there. If the player running the train goes down the other player throws a gersch and goes for the revive. You can also hack power ups for max ammos doing the same thing. At some point only the gersch and wave gun will kill them. Save the ammo and only use it with a full horde. Nukes and insta kill help. Some other small tips, you can hack another player and give them 500 points a time. You can hack any wall weapon for 3k and flip the ammo price so PAP ammo is regular priced and vice versa. You can hack any mystery box location when it is not there one time. It will then not spawn at that location for several rounds. If you hack each location every few rounds you can keep the box in one spot, like the dome. When using the box you can hack it if you don't like what you get from the first spin for an additional 600. Whatever comes up next always hack a second time. You will get your points back and anyone can now take whatever the weapon is including yourself. Leave the spaceman alone until you are filling the tubes. He gets stronger every time you kill him. Having him weak when you go to fill the tubes makes it easier. After that the QEDs take him out quick, just be weary of the possible side effects of a QED. They can do one of several dozen different things besides their explosion. NEVER pick up red ammo boxes that may come from them. These will take everyone's ammo.
Hopefully this isn't too much of a ramble and makes sense to more people than me. I am sure I have forgotten something so feel free to remind me of my humanity. Hope to see you all on the zombies maps soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Moon Easter Egg   Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:10 am

I have done it two or three times. We played until we finally got tired and just quit.

It is well worth getting all perks perm if you want to go far.

But be prepared to play for at least 5 hours straight.

Good times though.

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PostSubject: Re: Moon Easter Egg   Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:15 pm

Great times I will be on tonite Wax, missed you by like 10 mins last night.
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PostSubject: Re: Moon Easter Egg   Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:16 pm

I've never played zombies .but plus one to you for the effort you put in to guide.


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PostSubject: Re: Moon Easter Egg   Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:54 am

And now on to Call of the Dead EE.
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PostSubject: Re: Moon Easter Egg   

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Moon Easter Egg
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